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Stocks and real estate – Stable or fluctuating? Which provides better returns?

stock and real estate

In the search for a profitable fund source with proper and regular appreciation, the world, greater organizations, you and I have invested hours of our life in it. But when it gets to the real point of which one to choose, we get the dilemma or misguidance through several external blockages which prohibit our success journey. But, what could be the real source of income that cannot be altered by any factors present now? Which cannot be fluctuating based on the stock market? The answer is real estate investment. 

Let it be Florida, Orlando or any other state or country in the world. The value for land and house properties have never gone down.  It is a forever upscale industry where the investment is both stable and is powerful fund pot. But once again, we feel that baffled at real estate and property management as soon as we try to enter the arena just by the 1000’s of options and associations crowding us both mentally and physically. What to do in this crisis? 

Well, a pure knowledge in the working of various aspects of Real estate investment such as real estate market, real estate investment strategy, property investment calculator could be handy in your search towards the establishment. The path is just made of these tools which might be highly helpful in understanding real estate in the long run. But as far as genuine guidance and reliability, there is an adequate scarcity of real estate market industries. Knowing this hardship of the consumer on handling the pressure of multiply unreliable sources; we prepared ourselves to enter this arena, just to support and educate the people before going inside the real estate and also to make sure our support continues even after their prosperous establishment. 

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How can I get rich with a rental property? 

Rich is a relative term. It can mean different things to different people. However, what is proven is that you can build wealth through real estate/rental properties. And since wealth is of compounding nature that also depends on the rate of growth and the time invested, the earlier you start investing in rental properties especially in ones that offer optimal rental yields and good growth prospects the more wealth rental properties will generate for you. For more on wealth building check out,

What is a good ROI on rental property?

Your ROI in a rental property comes from two sources – rental yield and property price appreciation. ‘A good ROI’ can change with time and depends on macroeconomic factors like interest rates and inflation. Currently a good ROI would be 6-8% from rental yield/year and 3-4% property appreciation/year averaged over a long period, let’s say 10 years. For the properties with the best ROI, check out ‘Recommended Properties’ section of

If you want to know us, here it is! We are litpoodle. Though we have already earned ourselves a convincing name in the minds of the people of the US and various other countries worldwide, our concern has always been one client at a time. And that will be you. Before talking about our services such as remote buying, property investment calculation, real estate investing app, the housing market, and many such; we would like to let you know our place in your journey. As we mentioned earlier, litpoodle will be your absolute consultancy for all real estate operations but yet, we never make the decisions but allow you to make what suits you. Because as we said before the arena of real estate can be a little pushy and we don’t want to crowd our client’s decision making. And hence, we decided to be a responsible stop where you can understand and discuss the possibilities and other ideas on the real estate and property investment market. 

Apart from real estate; Litpoodle has also branched into the house and property sales sector which has further helped us to get closer to our beloved clients and customers. 

Whatever might be your options for investment, we are here to just let you know that real estate investment could be possible for anyone with some knowledge in understanding it. 

Let us know your ideas and comments and for more info do visit our website where you can enrich your insights and ideas on our firm. 

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